Advanced Task Delegation and Tracking System

This tool allows the user to create a platform to manage tasks on google sheets. Anyone authorised can assign the tasks to any employee from a simple HTML form. The employee will be notified via email and the task will be sent to his/her sheet. They will receive daily reminders of the pending tasks and today's tasks. Their advancement and progress in tasks is recorded and can be seen in reporting sheet.

How Advanced Task Delegation and Tracking System Works


Open the web application and assign a task to any employee


The employee gets task details and reminder till completion


All employees activities will be reported in a collective Reporting sheet for the owner to review

Important features of Advanced Task Delegation and Tracking System

What are the features which makes Advanced Task Delegation and Tracking System to manage your team and improve productivity.

01 feature

Delegation & Scheduling with deadlines

02 feature

Manage All Tasks at Single Place

03 feature

Prioritization, With Task Daily Reminders!

04 feature

Central Team Tracking System, Keep an Eye Across all Tasks!

05 feature

Delegate from anywhere & anytime & Easy to Adapt!

06 feature

Individual Employee Sheets & reports

07 feature

New tasks assigned & pending tasks notifications

08 feature

Daily follow-up reminders

09 feature

Employee performance tracker

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Frequently asked questions

You’ll be provided a video guide for setup and how to use

We offer 1 year subscription as well as Lifetime subscription plan

You need a gmail id to setup these tools along with a stable internet connection

No, these tools work only with gmail id

You need to link a gmail id with your company’s email id, only then you’ll be able to use

No, these work only when stable internet connection is available

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