Bulk Bitly Generator

A business could use this tool to send a series of messages to customers who have recently made a purchase. The first message could be a thank-you message with a button list of products, followed by a message asking for feedback with options to rate the product or share their experience. The tool would automatically send these messages in sequences. This App saves time and effort, as users can easily create and manage their WhatsApp messages in a spreadsheet, rather than manually sending messages to each recipient. It also provides a more engaging and interactive experience for customers, as they can quickly and easily respond to messages with buttons.

How Bulk Bitly Generator Works


Scan your whatsapp in given portal


Create customize message with message buttons and custom listt.


Create a sequence for whatsapp


Enter List of number for messaging and turn on auto mode

Important features of Bulk Bitly Generator

What are the features which makes Sheet To Form an amazing tool which enables you to create Google Forms on the go.

01 feature

Send Images, PDFs, Videos with button & list messages

02 feature

Schedule & Send Later – Schedule for Daily, Weekly, Monthly and Yearly Schedules

03 feature

Send Multiple Sheets in Spreadsheet in Single PDF or CSV File

04 feature

Customize Email Subject and Email Body as per Need

05 feature

Get the Status of Previous History of Files Sent

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Frequently asked questions

You’ll be provided a video guide for setup and how to use

We offer 1 year subscription as well as Lifetime subscription plan

You need a gmail id to setup these tools along with a stable internet connection

No, these tools work only with gmail id

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No, these work only when stable internet connection is available

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