Business expense manager

This tool helps you keep a record of your expenses and set a budget for the month. You can keep all your expenses in one place and analyze where you are overspending using the reports. You get monthly and yearly report where the expenses are categorised .

How Business Expense Manager Works


Fill the form to set the budget for month


Fill in the details of your expenses as you go


Analyze the reports anytime to compare your expenses vs budget

Important features of Business Expense Manager

What are the features which makes Business expense manager is an Incomparable Time Saving Expert 

01 feature

Record all your expenses in one place

02 feature

Upload and save invoices of purchases

03 feature

Develop a habit of analysing your expenses

04 feature

Know where you are spending the most with detailed reports

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Frequently asked questions

You’ll be provided a video guide for setup and how to use

We offer 1 year subscription as well as Lifetime subscription plan

You need a gmail id to setup these tools along with a stable internet connection

No, these tools work only with gmail id

You need to link a gmail id with your company’s email id, only then you’ll be able to use

No, these work only when stable internet connection is available

You will get access details within 24 hrs of payment confirmation