Conditional Emails Only Google Form Funnel Email Sheet

This tool allows you to create a sequence of custom templates which are sent to your customers in the defined sequence when the fill up a google form. the mail will be sent on the scheduled day from the response date and you get to choose which template to send on which day. The customer just fills up your enquiry form and starts receiving the personalized email which is set by you and on your specified time intervals.

How Conditional Emails Only_ Google Form Funnel Email_Sheet Works


Open the application and configure the form


Customize the templates and number of days


Turn On Form Submit Emailing and Reminder Emailing from the menu

Important features of Conditional Emails Only_ Google Form Funnel Email_Sheet

What are the features which makes Conditional Emails Only_ Google Form Funnel Email_Sheet an amazing tool which enables you to create Google Forms on the go.

01 feature

Make your own customized follow up emails system

02 feature

Keep your customer engaged without actually spending on any resources

03 feature

Schedule the templates on the basis of number of days from form submission

04 feature

Customer receives the first email on form submission

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Frequently asked questions

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