Recruitment and learning & Development System

Recruitment and learning & Development System

HRMS stands for Human Resource Management System, A solution that helps organizations manage their human resources functions more efficiently. HRMS typically includes various modules that address different aspects of HR functions, such as recruitment, onboarding, employee data management, payroll, and performance management.

How Recruitment and learning & Development System Works


Candidate will fill Application form and HR with select candidate according to their details


Send Employee master form to candidate for additional details of employee.


Use Onboarding checklist for onboarding of candidate


use exit tool for termination process


Fill HRMS dashbaord data to track HR performance

Important features of Recruitment and learning & Development System

What are the features which makes Recruitment and learning & Development System an Incomparable Time Saving Expert Who Maintain record of all assets in one place

01 feature

Interview scheduling and tracking feature for streamlined hiring process.

02 feature

Scrutiny process for candidate background verification and reference checks.

03 feature

Onboarding checklist for efficient new employee orientation.

04 feature

Employee entry and exit process management for accurate record keeping.

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