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WhatsApp Webhook Sheet

It allows you to receive and manage incoming messages from your WhatsApp account directly in a Google Sheet. Once the integration is set up, any incoming message on your WhatsApp number will be automatically added as a new row in a designated Google Sheet. This provides a seamless and organized way to track and manage your WhatsApp conversations, as well as enables you to easily share and collaborate on the data with your team.

How WhatsApp Webhook App Works


Enter Your Whatsapp portal credintial in Setting tab


Authrize Sheet for first time


Now you will receie all your whatsapp messages here with details


Tick on checkbox to reply indivisual and click on send button from drishta menu

Important features of WhatsApp Webhook App

What are the features which makes WhatsApp Webhook App an Incomparable Expert Team Mate Who sends in automode Your Business Pulse/MIS/Key Metrics So that You can take right decision at right time to scale Your Business.

01 feature

Easy customization of automated WhatsApp messages.

02 feature

Organized into categories based on type of client.

03 feature

Allows for personalized messaging and responses for each button.

04 feature

Streamlines customer interactions on WhatsApp.

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Frequently asked questions

You’ll be provided a video guide for setup and how to use

We offer 1 year subscription as well as Lifetime subscription plan

You need a gmail id to setup these tools along with a stable internet connection

No, these tools work only with gmail id

You need to link a gmail id with your company’s email id, only then you’ll be able to use

No, these work only when stable internet connection is available

You will get access details within 24 hrs of payment confirmation

Create a sequence for whatsapp payment reminder